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COVID has put the global NeuroTech sector at centre stage  

How has your business been affected?

The events of 2020 have created huge demand and challenge across all areas of NeuroTech

Either unparalleled demand for products, or a significant drop in standard medical procedures.

Either way the industry should take stock and make moves to future proof your business whatever your range of products and services

Hanison Green can help you achieve this.

Business Consultation

We have significant experience of successfully supporting clients through both upturn & downturn markets; so whether you are facing market volatility or opportunity (or a combination of both), we can help you identify your key leadership areas needed to strengthen, to enable you to develop and/or grow.

Hanison Green offers free business consultations to all of our clients. We will work with you to understand your business, your culture, your goals and aspirations, and your critical business drivers. We can provide valuable market insight, including industry & competitor trends, and we have full access to extensive, relevant talent pools; enabling us to give you up to the minute updates availability of a variety of leadership disciplines.

Each member of the Hanison team has a wealth of commercial experience within a technology based staffing environment. They live and breath the Hanison values of Passion, Genuine, Humility & Simplicity, so rest assured you are in safe, experienced, and authentic hands.

Talent search

From direct hires to entire leadership teams, Hanison Green can find & deliver the talent you need to ensure your success.

We have the skills and experience to identify and secure the very best talent for your business irrespective of whether they are on the job market or not.

Have you identified a weak-link in product design or development?… Quality?.. Technology or security?…. regulation compliance or ,do you need to strengthen your commercial strategy?

From contingent to retained search, we have extensive experience & success with business need analysis, competitor mapping, head-hunting, and candidate management; leaving you to manage the day-to-day running of your business, whilst we take care of strengthening your leadership team.

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