Our Purpose

“Enabling neuro technology advancement through industry transforming talent“  

Meet the Founder

Lindsay is an engineer by trade, with various permanent and contract roles being held within the automotive industry throughout Europe.  

A brief stint in direct sales and then media sales, and from there Lindsay enjoyed nearly 20yrs of professional staffing experience from trainee to partner with a leading global STEM specialist, and then more recently to the founder of Hanison Green Ltd.

He is married, and a father to two daughters. 

From growing older, and becoming a role model to his daughters, he’s discovered that his purpose in life is to give something back; to help make the world a better place for everyone.  

A keen environmentalist, Lindsay is fascinated with the effect of humanity on the planets resources, and how we can evolve our technology and behaviours to protect our environment, and ensure the long-term future, improved health, and quality of life for the human race.  

Lindsay loves to help people, and from setting up Hanison Green his goal is to play his part in helping to develop one of the world’s most important industry sectors – Medical Technology. Lindsay’s aim is for Hanison Green to provide the sectors very best business transforming leadership talent to the most innovative, exciting, and ethical Neuro Tech businesses.  

Lindsay Hartland


About Hanison Green

Founded in 2020, Hanison Green was established to support the development of the MedTech industry. 

The Global Medical Technology sector is one of the most important industries. In 2020, it arguably became the most important of them all. 

The future is uncertain, and the events of 2020 proved this. What is certain is that technology is advancing… from prevention technology, through diagnosis, monitoring, treatment & care; the entire sector continues to push toward a common goal – to protect life. To prolong life. To provide a better quality of life for all.  

Hanison Green shares this common goal, and we understand the challenges that the sector faces in its pursuit of medical excellence, and this is why we exist; to help overcome these challenges, and allow businesses and people in the medical technology industry to thrive. 




We are a continuous learning business. We respect and value the ideas of others and our customers come first. 


We care, and want to win with our customers, so we work with urgency, courage and desire to make a difference.  


We avoid overcomplicating at all times. We aim for clarity and consistency, to enable quick decisions and a focus on what’s important.   


Sincerity matters. We know who we are and we believe in being real.